Swimming pool

In a natural, wild setting, you will discover our large heated swimming pool and a little further on in the woods, the new massage cube cabin.  This spot has a very surreal beauty, the granite rocks, curiously shaped by erosion and the bluish grey color of the river create a dreamlike atmosphere, a place of relaxation and well-being.  It’s difficult to tell if it was man, or nature that created such an enchanting place. 

The wooden decking around the swimming pool gives a warmth to the otherwise mineral atmosphere, you can bask in the  rays of  sunshine, soak up the ambiance, be lulled by the  river and enjoy a siesta.  If you are particularly well settled in and reluctant to move, you might like to order from our selection of fresh delicious wraps.  We will be happy to serve you a light lunch, or a smoothie by the pool. 
With the unusually long period of hibernation this winter, Nataly has had the time to concoct a corner dedicated to massage.  She  designed a cube made out of wood and glass that was  built by local craftsman De Legnu. Once inside, you float above the river and have the impression that you are out in the woods. Don’t forget to reserve this moment of pure bliss.

Amid stone walls, a path has been created, interspersed with terraced gardens, this leads to the river where you can take a refreshing swim.
At reception, you can pick up a large cotton bath towel in which to wrap yourself and where you can get details of the different massages that we propose.