Terraces and gardens

Our Mediterranean garden was designed by landscape architect, Pierre-Jean.  It  is  tended to on a daily basis, by our resident gardener, Audrey.  Small  trees and rounded  shrubs have been dotted about, planted  on a bed of river gravel.  Age old dwarf olive trees stand side by side with Florentine cypresses and fragrant climbing white jasmine, while yew, boxwood and juniper are cleverly placed around the garden.  There are many quiet spots and inviting corners to relax and enjoy the  tranquility.

The terrace is on two levels, the higher part is a good place for breakfast with a view of the river below.  The lower level has loungers, sofas and plump cushions, where you can lay back and enjoy a good book, with the gentle gurgling of the river for company. 

At the far end of the garden, ready for the opening in 2021, we have found a place for an additional dwarf olive tree, a centenarian who fits in perfectly with the others.  The olive trees give welcome shade, but we also have a new cozy tent house. It is perfect for stretching out with a book, sinking back into the firm mattress and losing track of time.